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Unlawful Delivery Controlled Substance

Whether you are under investigation or have already been charged with Unlawful Delivery of a Controlled Substance, you need a defense attorney who can start helping you the minute they become involved with your case as your legal counsel. You need a firm that will act quickly to protect you and start building a solid defense.
When your Unlawful Delivery case calls for this type of expediency, you can feel confident turning to Perry Shore Weisenberger & Zemlock for assertive criminal defense representation. From the minute you decide you want us to represent you, we will begin to work on your case, putting our full effort and resources to work. To discuss our services concerning Unlawful Delivery cases, please contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

We not only have experience in handling Unlawful Delivery cases, but we handle the issues that often follow an Unlawful Drug Delivery arrest, including; seizure of your motor vehicle, cash and phones, and possible license suspension.

We will thoroughly review police actions, including; undercover techniques, buy-bust stings, confidential informants and set-ups were used to facilitate an arrest. We will evaluate whether the search warrants issued were legal and if other evidence was gathered through the sale of drugs to a task force or other undercover operation that may have acted improperly. We will look into the reputation of all witnesses and all the circumstances that lead to the cocaine possession charges.

Due to our reputation and contacts with law enforcement , our attorneys can often help people pre-charge and arrange voluntary surrender, thereby avoiding a lapsed time between being charged and being arraigned. This can also help when establishing bail. We have also been successful in negotiating reduced jail and prison sentences, work release arrangements and entrance into disposition programs (ARD) for all types of drug crimes, including cocaine possession.

Our knowledge and familiarity with district judges and magisterial judges can help us shape your case and determine what approach to take at trial. As your legal advocates, we will always keep you updated of any developments and offers regarding plea negotiations. You will always have the final decision-making authority, but we will counsel you every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation if you want trusted, respected representation for your cocaine possession case.

When you contact us for a free initial consultation, we will listen to your story and offer honest, aggressive and committed legal representation. Our criminal defense attorneys have a reputation for results that is well-known throughout Pennsylvania.

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