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Grand Jury Representation

Target Letter.

Those are two words you never want to have to read after a trip to your post office. A “target letter” means that you’ve been singled out for an appearance before a grand jury investigating a particular crime and, perhaps, your role, if any, in it.

At Perry Shore Weisenberger & Zemlock in Harrisburg, we’re highly familiar with how things go, and how they can go wrong, in a grand jury proceeding. Our experience with the criminal justice system, including representing clients in several hundred state and federal trials, has prepared us to provide honest, aggressive and committed grand jury representation.

Many people called to grand juries assume that if they haven’t been arrested for anything and don’t anticipate being arrested, they won’t be. They then report to the proceedings without preparation or grand jury representation, wind up indicted and spend years and thousands of dollars just to stay out of prison.

Don’t let this happen to you. The full-service Pennsylvania criminal defense law office of Perry Shore Weisenberger & Zemlock has the reputation for results that can guide and protect you during a federal grand jury criminal investigation.

We know the law and offer 24/7 availability for your questions and concerns. If you’re our client, you get our cell phone number and the freedom to use it whenever you like.

If you’ve been called to appear before a Pennsylvania grand jury, contact our law offices of Perry Shore Weisenberger & Zemlock today for a free consultation. We’re reachable by fax or e-mail or by phone at 1-717-232-9900.

Honest, Aggressive and Committed to Your Best Interests in Grand Jury Representation

Our respected grand jury representation attorneys make sure that you’re in the best possible legal position at all times. We work hard to shield you from unwieldy document requests, administrative subpoenas that can be mishandled and demands for information that surpass the limits supported by law.

We’ll assure that all the evidence is admissible evidence and present your defense and testimony in the most positive light. We want to help you avoid charges and indictment, first and foremost. If that’s not possible, if immunity isn’t an option, we strive for the most favorable result we can gain.

Be in touch with our skilled criminal defense lawyers today. We’ll put you in the best position possible, from start to finish of your case.

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