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Whether you unknowingly or deliberately violated probation or parole, or you violated probation because you felt you had no choice under the circumstances, you need a lawyer who will listen to your story and defend you strongly.

The rules surrounding probation and parole can be complex — and they can be unfairly enforced by a parole officer or probation officer. At the Perry Shore Weisenberger & Zemlock law firm in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, we represent clients who have been charged with parole or probation violations.

Probation and parole violations can send you to prison. The charges are serious because they could lead to probation revocation — taking away your freedom and your life with your family. If you were released from prison early, a violation can lead to a prosecution motion to revoke early release.

A dirty test or not following the terms of probation can lead to a hearing. You do not have to go through this alone. We know how the system works, and we are willing to work hard to keep you out of jail.

We will also assist you in filing a petition for early release from probation or parole after you have met all your probation conditions.  The attorneys at Perry Shore Weisenberger & Zemlock have represented clients not only seeking early release from supervision, but early release from incarceration and confinement in the work release center.

Probation and parole offer opportunities to get back into school, work and family life. Even a small mistake or a slight misjudgment can derail that opportunity. If you have been charged with a probation or parole violation, contact us and tell us what happened. Be assured that we will be on your side.

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